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Trust Worthy Charitable Org's in East Africa

Updated: Jun 16

Masaai Story

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Stephanie, a conservationist and philanthropist who lives with the Maasai tribe in Tanzania.

She founded an intiative to help support the Masaai Women to build an enterprise sewing reusable sanitary pads.

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In March, the #coronakindnesschallenge was created on IG - the challenge was simple, buy 10 items (like bread, flour, etc.) and give them to 10 people in need - take a picture of the items (not the people) and tag 10 friends to do the same. The challenge quickly spread and soon people that weren't able to physically participate were reaching out to ask how they could be involved without needing to leave their homes.

To date over 1,000 bags full of food have been distributed to those in need and on average each bag will feed a household of 2-3 adults and 3-4 children.

All donations go directly to purchasing food while other specific donations like bags, a staging area, tokens and more have been received. 

Farm to Feed

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Farm to Feedis a two way street: help feed the vulnerable who lost their income with food items sourced directly from farmers struggling to keep afloat in the current crisis. The aim is to reach the most vulnerable adults and children through vetted charities

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