• Tania Capel

A quick guide to picking the best plantain

It's simple honestly. We thank God, cause what is life without plantain?

For the sweetest, most caramelized version of plantain - you want to search for it just before it begins to blacken, therefore find a plantain that is dark brown (using the pic below, aim for the 3rd column). This is if you plan to make it within a few days of buying it. Let's say, 2 to 3 days.

And no, it has not gone off.

How to Pick Plantain

To tell whether it is off, you can feel the plantain - if it's mushy, then pass!

Now to make it:
I tend to slice it 1cm thick across and fry in shallow oil until it's brown and looks caramelized. My mouth is already watering by the way. Like I said, that simple.

If you have any questions or want to try any recipes like plantain pancake, plantain bread or plantain puff puff, reach out to swahilisecrets@gmail.com or simply DM me on African Abroad Blog


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