• Tania Capel

Kenya's Best Beaches

Kenya is often known for it's breath taking safaris, but what a lot of you do not know is that Kenya hosts the best beaches in Africa. In fact, Diani Beach, among all the beautiful beaches of Kenya has been rated the Africa's Leading Beach Destination for 6 years in a row - from 2014 up t0 2019.

Below are a list of the beaches in Kenya that are hard to pick between but are my personal favourite. If you are interested in a trip to Kenya, and have many unanswered questions then please get in touch here.


The award winning beach Diani speaks for itself, it is a pristine white sandy beach frindged with palm trees. It is not a crowded beach either which makes it the perfect getaway and is very calming. Diani Beach is vast that it also consists of small other beaches worth spending the afternoon at such as Tiwi beach, Chale Island, Funzi Island, Galu beach, Kinondo and Msambweni.

photo credit: Swahili Beach Resort


As this beach is connected to the main land, it is the more suburban beach. At this beach, you will find a little more action from restaurants, beach bars, watersports. But like every beach in Kenya, it white and prostine and you can still lounge under some beautiful palm shade.

photo credit: Swahili Secrets


When you want to visit and experience Swahili culture at it's finest, then Lamu Island would be the perfect destination, it is honoured a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for that reason. As it is a car free destination, it remains laid back and beaches clean and pristine. It is definelty at the top of beach destinations in Kenya to visit.

photo credit: The Majlis Resort